Keeping Your Pet Safe on Halloween

While the holidays are joyous times filled with food and festive décor, for that same reason it can be a  dangerous time for pets. Cats and dogs can get into all kinds of trouble. They are some of the busiest times of the year at veterinary clinics and veterinary emergency hospitals. With all the new cats and dogs joining families in our neighborhood this year, it’s especially important that pet owners be aware of the dangers and protect their pets.

Please be aware of the following dangers:

  • Chocolate is probably the most common danger pets encounter. ​It is toxic to both cats and dogs. The darker the chocolate, the deadlier it is. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are highly toxic to pets. Baking chocolate is especially problematic, which is why chocolate cookies, cakes and cupcakes are dangerous to pets.
  • Candy wrappers are also enticing to pets and can cause blockage requiring surgery to remove if swallowed.
  • Decorations including corncobs, light strings, wigs and anything with dangling parts can entice curious pets who may chew and swallow them, putting them at risk for blockage.
  • ​Candles ​can also attract the attention of pets who don’t realize how hot the flame and candle wax are. If you have pets in your house, it’s best to use artificial candles for decoration. Never leave a burning candle unattended with a pet in the house. Cats who suffer from asthma can be troubled by burning candles.
  • Pet Costumes can be very cute on pets willing to wear them, but you should never force a costume on an unwilling pet. Only use costumes with Velcro fasteners, no drawstrings or elastic parts and make certain your pet can breathe and move freely in the costume. NEVER leave your pet unattended in a costume.
  • Keep dogs on a leash and cats indoors and keep all pets away from the front door as you open it for guests. Pets can get spooked by unfamiliar people and run out an open door.
  • Alcohol and marijuana are toxic to pets, so be sure to keep these adult items out of the reach of pets if you enjoy them during your celebrations.