Code of Conduct

At West Loop Veterinary Care our mission is to provide exceptional patient care and client service. Providing you with a high level of care and service requires mutual respect, cooperation, and kindness.

Our team has chosen West Loop Veterinary Care as their family, just as you’ve chosen us as yours. It is our commitment to honor those choices by providing a safe, secure, and welcoming space for our team and clients alike. This mutual agreement will allow for an experience we all enjoy. We respectfully ask the following of our clients:

Respectful, Kind, Honest Communication

We practice open and honest communication. We show respect and expect respect in return. We will not respond to harassing, aggressive, or abusive language or behavior. Please be courteous in all interactions with our team and fellow clients.

Trust & Accountability

Trust is the basis of every client-patient-veterinary relationship. We act and communicate honestly and openly and appreciate the trust in return. We strive to be the solution, correcting mistakes when they happen with respectful communication from both client and team members. Mutual respect is essential to developing resolutions in the best interest of your pet.

Understanding & Empathy

We do our very best for all pets in our care. We are empathetic to our patients and clients and appreciate the same in return. Our team works with individuals and pets with varying levels of need. Please understand our team must prioritize their time, especially in emergency situations.


Just as you expect our time and attention, other patients and clients expect the same. Please be considerate of our time and the time of other patients and clients. Our individualized approach to patient care relies heavily on equitable time management for all. Change can be unprecedented and improvement requires time, planning, and collaboration. We are continuously adapting, determined to be the best provider of care that we can be.

We choose to serve clients that have similar values as us: respect, kindness, understanding, and honest communication. Those choosing to act in opposition to the culture outlined here will be asked to adjust their communication or behavior. Continued or repeat offenders may be asked to leave for the day or require termination of our professional relationship.

As always, we look forward to caring for your pet family at the highest level and appreciate your willingness to help us along the way.

West Loop:
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