Pet Diagnostics in Chicago

West Loop Veterinary Care is a full-service animal hospital. Our in-house lab allows us to process blood work, urine tests, stool samples and more within minutes, so you can get results for your pet in the same appointment. Our digital radiography machines allow us to quickly take X-rays, and if necessary, consult remotely with a board-certified radiologist. All of our veterinarians are trained to perform ultrasounds, and we are able to call in a diagnostic imaging specialist if necessary.

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How We Use Our In-House Diagnostic Lab

West Loop Veterinary Care offers a variety of lab tests here in-house, including:

  • EKG testing and analysis
  • Eye pressure testing for glaucoma
  • DNA/breed testing
  • Ear sample analysis
  • Intestinal parasite screening
  • Allergy testing from small blood samples
  • Blood analysis
  • Urine analysis
  • Intestinal parasite screening (stool sample)
  • And more

Pet Hospitalization

If your pet requires hospitalization, our skilled team of technicians will provide the highest level of care. Their vigilant monitoring of our patients throughout the day, and commitment to both comfort and superior treatment of patients, are some of the distinguishing features of our team of caring professionals.

If specialized care is necessary, we can refer you to a veterinary specialist. We will discuss options with you in order to find the best medical, financial and personal fit for you and your pet.

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