We're Fear Free

Fear Free Animal Hospital in Chicago

At West Loop Veterinary Care, we want every pet in Chicago to be happy to see us! However, veterinary visits can cause anxiety in some pets. To help make your visits more pleasant, we have several veterinarians who are Fear Free Certified Professionals. They engage pets with low-stress handling and Fear Free techniques that keep pets calm and cooperative. Each pet is different, so we’ll adjust our methods to suit their individual needs.

To put your pet at ease, our Fear Free staff may use the following techniques:

Letting Pets Come to Us

Whether you have a shy dog or a hideaway cat, we make sure they engage with us when they’re ready, whether it’s nuzzling our hand, or poking their heads out of their carrier.

Examining Them Where They’re Comfortable

Pets on exam tables often get anxious about being so high up. If needed, our staff will perform exams wherever your pet feels most comfortable whether it is on the floor or in your arms!

Using Food Motivation

Every pet loves treats! To make exams easier with curious or uncomfortable pets who like to squirm or sniff around at what we’re doing, we may offer treats to focus them while we do our work in peace.

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