Green Practices

About Our Green Animal Hospital in Chicago

West Loop Animal Hospital is good for your pet and good for our planet!

West Loop Veterinary Care was designed with environmentally sustainable practices in mind. As guardians of our pets and the planet we share, we’ve created an environmentally friendly animal hospital that is both good for your pet and good for our planet.

Our animal hospital has been designed to utilize energy efficient elements including:

  • Brick walls
  • High ceilings
  • Large windows for natural lighting
  • Use of Low VOC paints
  • GREENGUARD® counter tops
  • Hot water piping insulation
  • Re-circulating pumps

Additional Green Practices

We also conserve water with the use of front-loading washing machines, dual-flush toilets, hand towels and cloth rags instead of paper towels and low-flow aerators.

Our electronic medical records and in-house recycling program minimize the use of paper, and West Loop Veterinary Care responsibly recycles what we do use.

Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, hygienically safe for animals, and biodegradable in nature. We will continue to seek additional ways to enhance our green practices.

West Loop Veterinary Care is committed to delivering you optimal, compassionate care in an environmentally sustainable manner!

West Loop:
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