Emergency Vet in Chicago

Emergency Vet in Chicago, IL

Our emergency vets are available to care for your pet during our extended hours Monday through Saturday. Our early open and late close make it easy for busy families to schedule appointments at times that work best for them. Should your pet experience an emergency, please call our animal hospital at 312-421-2275 and head right over. We will assess the severity of the situation upon arrival, and if necessary, we will see your pet immediately.

In the event that you cannot stay for your pet’s appointment, we offer Day Stay appointments. These appointments are generally for non-emergencies, but if necessary, can be used for an emergency. During these appointments, we will care for your pet’s medical needs while you attend to your professional or personal needs. Our veterinarians and staff will examine and care for your pet just as they would if you were there. If they have any questions or concerns, they will give you a call. You will receive a full-report when you pick up your pet.

If your pet needs emergency vet medical treatment outside of business hours:

Premier Medical Group

3927 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618