Should I Call the Vet if my Dog Has Diarrhea in Chicago, IL?

dog diarrhea in Chicago, IL

Should I Call the Vet if my Dog Has Diarrhea?

If you own a dog, you know that sometimes they eat things that they shouldn’t. You might not even be sure where they are finding the things that they are eating that make them feel sick. Dogs can vomit or have diarrhea from time to time, and many pet owners are used to this happening once in a while.

However, there are instances when you should consider talking to your vet about your dog’s diarrhea. You might not always be sure if your pet is experiencing some kind of serious health issue, which is why it can be helpful to know what symptoms might indicate something serious is going on. The more that you know about this kind of situation, the better so that you can be sure to contact the vet when you need more help with your dog’s condition.

When to Call the Vet About Dog Diarrhea

There are circumstances when you should definitely take your dog to the veterinarian after having dog diarrhea.

You See Blood

If your dog’s diarrhea includes blood, you should reach out to your vet. Blood in diarrhea can indicate parasites, a blockage in the intestines, or even poisoning. Even severe food allergies can cause blood in the stool. Once this symptom shows up, you will need to be sure that you get your pet to see the vet to rule out some of the more serious problems that might be related to this issue.

Blood is always a bad sign, whether it’s in the stool or the vomit. Make sure that you don’t ignore this symptom because it is almost always a sign that something serious is going on.

The Diarrhea Has Been Going on For Days

If your dog has eaten something that upset their stomach, you might deal with a couple of days of diarrhea, but then they should be feeling better. If the diarrhea has been going on for four days or more, you need to call your vet. Your dog will be at risk for severe dehydration if they have diarrhea for many days in a row.

Your pet might also have something more serious going on if they have been having diarrhea for an extended period of time. This can be a common reason that pets end up being quite sick, so assuming that your pet’s diarrhea is normal can actually lead to larger issues that could have been avoided.

dog diarrhea in Chicago, IL

Your Pet is Not Eating or Drinking

If your pet is not eating or drinking, you need to call the vet, even if the diarrhea has stopped and there is no blood. Dogs will not fare well once they quit drinking, and you can prevent much more severe issues with their organs if you get them in for some treatment right away. Being off food and water and experiencing diarrhea can lead to dehydration. Your vet can give your pet fluids and get them back to feeling well again.

You Suspect Heat Stroke

If your dog has been outside in the heat or is panting a lot and they also have diarrhea, this can indicate that they have heat stroke. Heat stroke in dogs is life-threatening, and you will need to get your dog to the vet immediately if you think they might have heat stroke. Most pets cannot be saved if they do not get treatment within the first half hour of showing heat stroke symptoms. Many people do not realize that diarrhea can be a key symptom of this condition.

Dogs should not exert themselves when it is above eighty degrees outside, and you should be sure that your pet always has access to enough clean water to stay hydrated. Leave your pet indoors when it is hot in the summer, and make sure not to let them exert themselves when the weather is too hot for them to stay healthy when they are playing and having fun.

Your Pet is Lethargic

If your dog is showing signs of lethargy or they just seem disinterested in everything around them, and they also have diarrhea, you should get them to the vet right away. There are many things that might be causing these symptoms, and most of them are very serious. Be sure that you don’t ignore signs of disinterest or lethargy in your dog.

Diarrhea in Dogs Can Sometimes be Serious

There are various things that might cause diarrhea in dogs, and most of them are serious conditions that require a trip to the vet. Make sure that you start paying attention to your dog’s overall health when they start having diarrhea. Your dog might bounce back in a couple of days, but if they don’t, you should make sure they see the vet. If the weather is really hot and your dog has diarrhea, you should make sure they get to the vet right away in case they have heat stroke.

Making sure that your pet gets the veterinary care that they need is key to preventing the need for emergency care. Diarrhea can be linked with your dog eating something that upset their stomach; however, if they are not showing signs of improvement and the diarrhea has been going on for days, you will need to call your vet.

If your dog is experiencing diarrhea in Chicago, IL, call West Loop Veterinary Care. Our veterinarians will be sure to examine the root cause of this issue and provide proper treatment so your dog can get back to being their normal, healthy, and happy self again.

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