Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!


A Certified Cat Friendly Practice, our team at West Loop Veterinary Care knows that cats who receive regular veterinary care live longer, healthier and happier lives. Regular visits allow your veterinarian to:

  • Monitor your cat’s diet and weight. This can be helpful in maintaining an appropriate weight for your cat’s size and age.
  • Identify pests or parasites and recommend appropriate treatments or preventatives as necessary.
  • Check their dental health and recommend an effective at home dental hygiene program for your cat. Good dental health is important to the overall health of your cat.
  • Develop a proper schedule for vaccinations based on your cat’s age, health needs and lifestyle.
  • Address hidden health problems early on, allowing for more effective care.
  • Provide guidance on behavioral issues.

When Should My Cat See Their Veterinarian?

The frequency with which cats should see their veterinarian varies by age and health.  Cats with underlying health issues should see their veterinarian as directed, or on the same schedule as a senior cat.  Our infographic provides guidance on when to Take Your Cat To The Vet!

Taking Your Cat To The Vet

One of the reasons often cited for not taking cats for regular visits with their veterinarians is the challenge of getting them there. A Certified Cat Friendly Practice, our team shares some tips on how to safely get your cat to their veterinarian. If you need further guidance, please call us. One of our team members will be happy to assist you.


  • At least one week prior to your appointment, place your cat carrier in a location your cat frequents and make it accessible to your cat.
  • Regularly put treats, toys and/or catnip inside to entice your cat to go into the carrier
  • Use soft bedding to line the bottom of the carrier.
  • Place a piece of clothing with your scent on it inside the carrier.
  • Wipe the carrier with relaxing pheromones to help ease your cat’s anxiety.
  • If your cat carrier comes in two parts, take it apart and use the bottom half as a bed for the cat.
  • Do not chase your cat into the carrier or otherwise force it inside the carrier.
  • In extreme cases, your veterinarian may recommend medication to help ease your cat’s anxiety.


If your cat hasn’t been to see its veterinarian in the time period recommended, call us at 312-421-2275 to make an appointment today to take your cat to the vet


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