Dr. Leslie Juarez-Law

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) | Associate Veterinarian

Leslie Juarez Law


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology with Minor in Chemistry and Spanish, University of St. Francis


November 2021


  • Romeo, a Chihuahua
  • Max, a Westie
  • Tortuga, Red Eared Slider


Dr. Juarez-Law’s Red Eared Slider turtle, has an expected lifespan of 30 years.

Leslie Juarez Law

Leslie Juarez-Law, DVM has long felt a connection to animals. During her childhood in Mexico, she saw many stray animals living on the streets in her community. Often, she brought home stray dogs and provided them the love and care they needed. As a result of her experience, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian so that she could do more to help animals. 

As a veterinarian, Dr. Juarez-Law seeks to provide the best quality medicine and care for her patients. She believes that having positive communications with clients and being able to establish trust is key to providing quality medical care for their pets. This is especially important as she tries to live by the mantra, “treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Born in Mexico, Dr. Juarez-Law takes pride in her culture and enjoys Latin dance. She is a First-Generation Graduate and is passionate about diversity issues. She has served as the President of the Illinois VOICE (Veterinarians As One Inclusive Community for Empowerment) Chapter. 

When not working, Dr. Juarez-Law enjoys spending time with her husband Matthew and their four-legged kids, Romeo – an 11-year-old Chihuahua, Max – a 10-year-old Westie, and Tortuga – a 10-year-old Red Eared Slider turtle. Romeo, Max and Merideth (who has since passed away), were with Dr. Juarez-Law throughout her schooling. Her beloved animals bring light to her life and brighten even her toughest days.

West Loop:
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(312) 766-5959