Dr. Matthew Kuchay

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) | Associate Veterinarian

Matthew Kuchay
Fearfree Professional


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS), Iowa State University


  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  • Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association (ISVMA)
  • Chicago Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)
  • American Heartworm Society (AHS)
  • Fear Free Certified Professional
  • Pet Nutrition Coach Certification
  • Human-Animal Bond Certification




  • Sushi – Black Cat
  • Frodo – Brown Tabby


Dr. Kuchay can make balloon animals and collects artifacts and weapons from Ancient Greece to Cold War/Vietnam.

Matthew Kuchay

Medicine runs in the family for West Loop Veterinary Care’s, Matthew Kuchay, DVM. Dr. Kuchay was inspired to pursue medicine by his father, a pharmacist, his mother, a registered nurse, and his brother, a medical doctor. It’s not surprising then that Dr. Kuchay started his education at Iowa State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. During his studies, Dr. Kuchay shadowed a veterinarian, who showed compassion to pets and also to their people. Realizing that veterinary medicine is about helping people just as much as it is helping their pets, Dr. Kuchay decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Kuchay earned his DVM from the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Passionate about making the human-animal experience the best it can be, Dr. Kuchay has focused on certifications as a Fear Free veterinarian, a Human-Animal Bond veterinarian, and a Pet Nutrition Coach.

“My goal is to teach what I observe and know to my clients. Teaching clients about their pets and why we do certain diagnostics and treatments leads to more client satisfaction, compliance, and overall better health for my patients.”

Dr. Kuchay is a pet parent to 2 cats, Sushi and Frodo. In his free time, he practices archery and is an avid traveler. He is also a lover of Polish culture and world history.

Why you chose WLVC and why you chose to do what you do?

“I do this for a lifetime of learning and the reward of helping families.”

West Loop:
(312) 421-2275

(312) 766-5959