Dr. Valerie Mombello

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) | Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Mombello
Fearfree Professional


  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), Kansas State University
  • Master of Public Health (MPH), Kansas State University
  • Bachelor of Science – Biology (BS), Kansas State University


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)


  • Two dogs – Clifford and Frankie
  • A betta fish named Geena Davis


Dr. Mombello enjoys cooking and is working on expanding her repertoire of hand-rolled pasta’s and has been honing her pierogi making skills.

Dr. Mombello

Dr. Mombello has always been interested in science. She was first drawn to veterinary medicine in middle school when her family adopted a dog – Clifford. She then experienced first-hand the special relationship people can have with their pets. During her high school years, Dr. Mombello began shadowing area veterinarians. She loved the diversity of experiences in veterinary medicine. Dr. Mombello greatly values all that animals add to the world and cannot imagine a life where she didn’t get to interact with animals each day.

During her visits with patients, Dr. Mombello seeks to improve the patient’s health and welfare and empower owners with knowledge important to their pet’s well-being. She has had training in Fear Free veterinary practices. She strives to help further strengthen the relationship between people and their pets.

Dr. Mombello earned her MPH during her time in veterinary school. Her MPH project centered on the creation of a One Health clinic to bring accessible veterinary and human medical care to individuals experiencing homelessness within the Kansas City area. A graduate of Kanas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mombello was recognized with the Dr. O. M. Franklin Memorial Epidemiology & Public Health Award. She has a strong interest in making a positive impact on her community and the world around her.

Dr. Mombello’s experience includes work in Internal Medicine at a veterinary emergency and specialty center as well as experience in companion animal dentistry. She has worked with complex medical cases including patients with chronic cardiovascular, endocrine and gastrointestinal diseases.

Dr. Mombello comes from a family of six people and two dogs. She shares a close relationship with each of them, even though most of her family resides in Kansas City. She has one sister in Chicago and is thrilled to be in the same city with her. She currently shares her home with a sweet betta fish, Geena Davis, and is hoping to add a four-legged friend to her home soon.  Dr. Mombello loves ceramics and is sampling ceramic studios in Chicago’s many different neighborhoods as she explores her new city.

West Loop:
(312) 421-2275

(312) 766-5959